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Winnie Cheung

Tango has deep magic: it reawakens memories of the body and of the mind; it tolerates differences; it shares cultures.
Convinced of tango’s power to include everyone, Pianist-Bandoneonista-Dancer Winnie Cheung launched Tango With Winnie to bring live tango dance and music to both classic and unconventional tango corners of the world: concert halls, milongas, art galleries, farmers markets, K-12 schools, universities, dementia homes, assisted living spaces, prisons, town-wide multicultural celebrations, and more.

With veteran artists that Winnie brings from all over the world, Tango with Winnie handcrafts each program towards any imaginable objective of your event, and invites you sincerely to tango, whoever you are, wherever you are.

Winnie has played well over 1,000 tango events in the USA, Canada, Asia, Argentina, even Antarctica. For 2023, Winnie completed a record 250+ events. Her album with Cuarteto Tanguero, Guapeando, charted Top 10 Billboard World Music in 2018. Her newest album with the duo Ben & Winnie, La Próxima Traición, was released in 2020 with glowing reviews.

Originally from Hong Kong, Winnie is a globetrotting musician holding a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Chicago and Masters and Doctorate from the Eastman School of Music in Piano and Music Composition. She taught classes in music composition, theory, piano, choir, and music appreciation from ages 5 to 95 in Canada/USA until tango found her.

Winnie’s Mission – Take Tango to Everyone!

There is no better reward than to take tango to everyone…
Multicultural, multi-lingual, trained in academia and thriving outside of it, Winnie is the connector between many worlds. Her specialty is in bringing tango to people who have never heard of tango before. Winnie has led hundreds of outreach events using live tango music as a vehicle of connection and communication across the US, Asia and Canada in K-12 schools, universities, retirement communities, community-and-professional music schools, medical facilities, dementia homes, farmer’s markets, art galleries and cross-cultural festivals. She was covid-canceled for the big workshop in Danville Correctional Facilities in 2020 – a medium-security all-male facility – but she was rebooked for 2024. The workshop at the juvenile detention center in rural Ohio near Cleveland in October 2022 was one of the most rewarding experiences in her career.
Events Winnie has led range from specialized masterclasses for university composition students at prestigious music departments like the Jacob School of Music, Indiana University; Cultural and Music Appreciation courses at liberal arts colleges like Rose Hulman Institute of Technology, Butler University, St Mary’s College, Notre Dame University, Purdue University, Columbia College Chicago, University of Dayton, University of Pikeville. For Winnie, the most enjoyable school outreach events happen in front of younger audiences: K-12. She has also personally witnessed so many moments where tango brought life and light back to seniors and the infirmed – there is no better reward for Winnie to keep taking tango to everyone, especially to those who cannot come to tango.

Taiwan & Japan Tour 2024



La Próxima Traición

Ben & Winnie
Their newest album La Próxima Traición, Ben Bogart (Bandoneon) and Winnie Cheung (Piano) pay homage to tango’s tradition.


Cuarteto Tanguero
Cuarteto Tanguero’s latest release, Guapeando is the CD you need for more tango!