Tamango has its heart on building an all-inclusive inter-generational community through live tango music and dance, portably as a module of violin, cello, bass, voice, guitar and piano
Well-versed in traditional and original tango arrangements — many by IU composer Aaron Travers — Tamango performs at every imaginable venue: grand concert halls, intimate milonga dance parties, family-friendly pubs, dance studios, private homes, schools, markets, museums, the list goes on. Tamango always brings dance to the music, no matter how much floor space there is. Everyone within ear-reach is encouraged to express the music through movement, respecting one another’s spaces: children, beginner dancers, and seasoned tangueros. Tamango strives to bring back the warm communal bond of a Sunday afternoon gathering, often in their home base of Bloomington, Indiana: families, friends, food, drinks, live music and dance. Tamango’s presentations are designed around your needs: from fun-filled dance and music experiences for young school children to evening-long milonga shows. Winnie Cheung, leader/ piano/ bandoneon; Tomás Lozano, singer; Janice Lee, Julia Shannon, violin;; Pablo Zavattieri, bass; Yoshiko Arahata, Nathan Cheung, Guillermo Casal, piano. Emeritus members: Isabel Kwon, cello; Leandro Fosque, Bob Fang, Maximiliano Larrea, guitar. Follow us on Facebook Tamango! Click on “Calendar” above for the next event in Bloomington, Indiana! https://www.facebook.com/tamangotangoband/