Think of Winnie as an ambassador of tango: she brings tango to you wherever you are.
She brings you music live as a musician – often with more musicians; she invites and collaborates with guest dancers for any occasion; she brings together your needs and environment to create the perfect space for human connection to thrive within your community. There is a musician and a dancer hidden within all of us. Winnie’s work is to inspire you to find yours, through tango.

Concerts and Festivals

Versatile as soloist and ensemble player with groups ranging from orchestra with chorus to duo formations, Winnie has enjoyed playing tango on concert stages as well as tango festivals in different parts of the world.
Her repertoire includes Misatango, music by Astor Piazzolla, tandas of golden-era tangos, milongas and valses by D’Arienzo, Biagi, Pugliese, Troilo, and Di Sarli, among others, for different ensemble sizes. Winnie can also bring to you a concert-length program of solo piano tangos, with commentary if desired. A classically-trained now-tango pianist and tango dancer herself, she appreciates both worlds: there is great joy dancing to the swing of solidly-executed golden-era tango classics, as well as internalizing quietly as a listener the emotional and musical depth that the Argentine Tango style embodies, in arrangements new and old. It is always worth remembering that all music was once new; for that, Winnie will continue to bring timeless traditional and refreshing new tango arrangements to dancers and listeners alike, whenever the occasion calls for them. As a dancer, Winnie firmly believes that the live music experience is uniquely inspiring and irreplaceable. Pairing live music milongas with musicality workshops, among other ideas, has been rewarding for both musicians and dancers.

House Concerts and Milongas

What more can you want, if you can move your favorite tango concert home? Everything is to your exact liking: the food, drinks, when to serve them, even the people.
The occasion can be intimate. It can be grand. It can be for the special day of a loved one. It can be a regular hangout with like-minded people. It can be created around any specific group of people of your design: you have the guest list. Live tango with Winnie never fails to warm the room — from the smallest living space to a grand atrium — and the heart of the people within it.

Musicality Workshops for Dancers and Musicians

Want to know what your next steps should be as a dancer? Want to know how the tango sound is made by the musicians? A musicality workshop may be all you need to explain the mystery behind the music.
For dancers, it is eye-opening to watch musicians break down different layers of music to reveal what your body has always known but doubted. For musicians, it is jaw-dropping to watch a tango musician how simple techniques can be adapted to create that unique tango sound. It’s communication and connection between dancers and musicians at its most fundamental. There is a dancer and a musician hidden within all of us. Winnie inspires you to let out both. Sample topics for your next musicality workshop (All Levels; No Partners Needed): 1, Get to know how to listen for básic musical building blocks in our tangos like phrases / melodies, responses / fills, different modes of tango rhythmic accompaniment, section endings and beginnings, and how to apply that knowledge to your dance 2, Get to know musically your Big 4 Golden Era Tango Orchestras: Di Sarli, Troilo, D’Arienzo and Pugliese, and how to apply that knowledge to your dance 3, Dive into the concept of Tension & Release in tango both music and dance: How this concept is the heart of the beauty of tango for many. How Tension & Release is created in the music, and how we instinctively dance it in every song. How tango is built on the concept of contrast, in terms of color, texture and sentiments. How this 2.5 minutes of tango encapsulates life, in all its tensions and releases. This is the Winnie’s Signature Class (works great if this is the second class after one of the above classes).

Schools (Age 5-18)

Tango does not discriminate; neither should our children. With Winnie’s guidance, live tango can teach the importance of human connection and compassion to the future of our society.
Children learn the quickest; learning how to appreciate tango is no different. It is a lifelong lesson: to learn early on that expressing through movement and song is healthy and fun. Tango is the perfect vehicle for this process. Young people also learn the most from their peers. Winnie experiences the power of this when she trains the youth (as young as four) to be the musicians for their peer dancers. To be on both sides of the artistic process — as musicians and dancers themselves — is a moment that will stay with them for a long time.

University Tango Organizations

Tango is the healthiest activity for those who are desk-bound. Nothing more than a stylized walk, tango awakes the whole body to perform basic tasks like balancing oneself with another human being.
Somehow, the most intellectual among us forgets about the rest of the body. Live tango music vibrates through the spine and into the dancer and musician of the most unlikely colleague. Discover or establish a tango organization within your institution. Experience the awakening by live tango dance and music with Winnie.

Dementia/Alzheimer’s Homes

Live tango is magic for those of us suffering from neurodegenerative disorders, such as Alzheimer’s and Dementia.
Winnie has seen first-hand the awakening of memories past through the shining eyes of patients with these conditions. The smiles, the songs, even the lyrics they recovered from within, gave joy unimaginable to families and care-givers who witnessed the transformation. Live music is the simplest medicine; a fellow human-musician is its indispensable link.

Corporate Events

Ever thought of hosting a Tango Night at your work event? Candle-lit, shimmering evening gowns, beautiful stemware, a live band… tango offers more.
Tango takes you to a time and place of your design: A themed time perhaps – 1920s – With feathered-hats, tassles and white suits? Or simply an occasion for some long-forgotten human bonding. Tango is a culture; it is entirely up to you to choose which aspect you wish to embrace. Contact Winnie to create the event tailor-made for you!

Retirement Homes

Seniors amongst us were pillars of our society; their matured minds are perfect for appreciating the rich and complex culture of tango.
Brought together by Winnie, the poetry, the dance and the music can come together to the homes of our seniors. An afternoon of swaying in a gentle embrace, some inspired humming to the tunes, or a moment of quiet listening to the storied histories told, it is a unique way to discover new common interests and knit the community together, tighter than ever.